Good news couponers!!!!!!!  The Peninsula Daily News has been gracious enough to add a new subscription option to their lineup!  This new subscription option is called the “Couponers Special” and it is a SUNDAY ONLY delivery! 

Peninsula Daily News Sunday “Couponers Special”:

Subscription price $1.25 per copy with a MINIMUM of 3 copies delivered.  There is no maximum limit.

13 weeks  ($1.25 x 3 copies x 13 weeks) = $48.75
26 weeks  ($1.25 x 3 copies x 26 weeks) = $97.50
52 weeks  ($1.25 x 3 copies x 52 weeks) = $195.00

Additional copies can be delivered each week for $1.25 per issue!  Here is a breakdown for you based on a 13 week delivery:

3 copies  ($1.25 x 3 copies x 13 weeks) = $48.75
4 copies  ($1.25 x 4 copies x 13 weeks) = $65.00
5 copies  ($1.25 x 5 copies x 13 weeks) = $81.25
6 copies  ($1.25 x 6 copies x 13 weeks) = $97.50

These subscriptions must be prepaid.  Also, the Peninsula Daily News has an EasyPay option that will automatically bill your credit card, saving you time and money. Your charge will appear on your credit card statement according to the subscription length you selected above.

Why buy multiples of the Sunday paper you ask???  More papers mean more of the coupons you need to save money!  If you buy three (3) papers, you will have three (3) coupons and you can buy three (3) of those items!!  If your budget allows, the couponers “rule of thumb” for Sunday papers is one (1) paper per household member (plus one extra for your pantry if you can swing it).


  • You’ll save gas & time by not having to drive to the store (or to many stores) every Sunday Morning. 
  • Having your subscription delivered guarantees your coupons will actually be there!!  It is a weekly event for me to find that 1 or more of my papers is missing coupons.  Albertson’s TTV’s have been ripped out or coupon inserts have been robbed.  That’s money I spent on nothing!!  Also, home delivery has priority over papers delivered to the stores.  Inserts are sent to homes first and the remaining inserts are put into store papers.
  • The money spent each week on papers will easily be returned to you in 1 or 2 shopping trips!!  Use just a few coupons per paper and you’ve broke even.


Please contact the Circulation Department at (800) 826-7714 and ask for the “Couponers Special” subscription option.  Let them know how many week’s you’d like to receive your papers and how many issued you’d like to have delivered each Sunday.  That’s it folks!!!!  Now, the furthest you’ll have to go in your bathrobe & slippers on Sunday morning is to the end of your driveway!

Again, I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the Peninsula Daily News for making this happen.  This is a major benefit to couponers and we are all incredibly grateful!!!


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