Rite Aid Wellness+ Program Changes – Effective January 1st.

Just a quick heads up to everyone, Rite Aid has made some changes to their Wellness+ Program that have gone into effect January 1st!   I’m both a little excited and a little bummed about these new policies. 

Change #1 – Load eCoupons Directly to Card. 
(this is the good! – imo)

Now, you can go Rite Aid’s Website and load coupons directly to your Wellness+ Card.   According to Amber over at Coupon Connections, the selection of eCoupons available at the moment are primarily for Rite Aid brand products.  Hopefully they add some good MFG coupons.   Remember that all of Rite Aid’s Coupon Policies will apply to the coupons that are loaded to your card.

Change #2 – +Up Reward Redemption.  (this is the not so good! – imo)

You will no longer be able to use +Up Rewards the same day you earn them….. basically, no more huge need for multiple transactions.  As per Rite Aid’s website, “+UP Reward may not be redeemed until 6am local time the next day after issuance.”.  You *should* still be able to roll your +Up Rewards, but not until the next day. 

Change #1 – Could be great!!!  Change #2 – makes me not so excited.  I don’t live horribly far away from a Rite Aid, but I do live far enough away that I won’t be making an extra trip out to use my +Up rewards the following day.  It was a very nice benefit to be able to roll them from one transaction to the next.  I’m not sure what this will mean for my Rite Aid shopping.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see :-).


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