My first really REAL trip to RiteAid!

I’ve made it no big secret that I am completely and totally a drugstore fool!  I sit down with my ads every Sunday, I make my lists, I pull all the necessary coupons and then, the sweats start.  My brain gets foggy, I can’t concentrate… seriously, it’s ridiculous!  I become so overwhelmed and worried that I won’t follow the rules right and I get so engrossed in my transaction sequences that I end up throwing everything aside and I do absolutely nothing with it.  So the week goes by and the next Sunday comes and I go through the same routine again.  Why you ask??  I have no idea!  Is that a good answer?!?  Um, no.  It sure isn’t!

On Saturday I had a great talk with my friend Sam about shopping at RiteAid.  I’ve mentioned before that Sam is a pro at this stuff,  she’s my RiteAid guru!  I asked her how she does it every week?  How does she figure out her transactions so she can use her Up+ rewards in conjunction with items that do not produce Up+ Rewards, etc. and have a good outcome.  I know how long it takes me to figure this stuff out and then I don’t even go through with it.  Anyway, what she told me was that she does it all in 1 transaction every week.  ONE?!?!?  Really!?!  I can do one!  And you know what… that’s just exactly what I did.  It was painful BUT it was also exciting & I am stoked about shopping there next weekend!

Here is how my first really REAL trip to RiteAid played out:

1 Kit Kat Snack Size 
2 Reese’s PBC Snack Size
1 M&M Peanut (12.6oz)
1 M&M Milk Chocolate (12.6oz)
2 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar (1.55oz)
2 Hershey’s Air Delight Chocolate Bar (1.44oz)
1 Sammy Fat Foam Hair Color
1 John Freida Volume Shampoo
1 John Freida Volume Conditioner
1 John Freida Root Awakening Shampoo
1 John Freida Root Awakening Conditioner
1 Suave Shampoo (Bonus 30% More)
1 Suave Conditioner (Bonus 30% More)
1 RiteAid Tugaboo Wipes (360ct Box)
1 Chloroseptic Max Wild Berry Drops (15ct)
1 Hyland Defense Cold/Cough Nightime Syrup
1 Zarbees Child Cough Syrup
2 Neosynephrin Nasal Sprays
2 Ludens Wild Orange Drops (25ct)
1 Emergen-C Immune Shot (2pk)
1 Comtrex Cough/Cold (24ct)
1 Bayer Asprin 81mg Tablets (32ct)
2 Dimetapp DM Cough/Cold
1 Blistex Lip Ointment
1 Cepacol Max Honey Lemon (16ct)

Total Retail Price:  $165.28
Wellness Savings: <$51.46>
MFG Coupons: <$31.48>
Total OOP: $82.34 (+ wsst)
Up+ Rewards: <$40.48>
Single Ck Rebate:  <$9.48>

So, yeah….  My total OOP was $82.34.  Ouch, I know.   However, now I have almost $41 worth of Up+ Rewards to rotate through my future purchases at RiteAid.  If I play my cards (or my coupons) right, I should be able to use my Up+ Rewards on items that will produce their own Up+ Rewards in return and continually pay only tax & accumulate my Up+’s.  This is my goal and my new mission.  I am crossing everything (fingers, toes, eyes, legs) in hopes that my $82.34 OOP will be my last OOP (with the exception of tax) at RiteAid!!  Thanks again Sam for clearing the fog on this issue!!

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