Coupon List for 08/21/11 – Updated!!

***A quick updated – I uploaded a PDF version of the coupon list for 08-21-11.  If you don’t want to bother with the spreadsheet & would just like to print it out for your binder, etc. than this is the version for you!  Hope this is helpful to every one!  I will get the lists for this Sunday’s ads up hopefully by early Sunday afternoon.

Good Morning!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  I just finished my 08-21-11 SS Coupon List and decided that I would upload it for you to use at your leisure.  This is the list that I compile every week so that I have a quick reference to the coupons that I received each Sunday.  This also keeps track of the number of inserts I picked up (i.e., the number of each coupon I have on hand) and total value of the coupons combined.  As I use each coupon, I cross it off my list or adjust the number available as it changes.  I print this list and put it with my binder so when I am at the store I can grab it & quickly scan it to see if I have a coupon available.  It has worked out well for me and I hope it will help you guys!  OH – I should mention that this is for Sunday Insert Coupons only, I don’t have a list for printed ones yet.

I switched up my couponing method and am now using a combination of the binder & no-clip methods.  I have been so far behind on clipping that a change was absolutely necessary!  I will post about it when I have a chance to outline my process so it’s legible to everyone other than just myself :-).

Anyway, feel free to adapt the spreadsheet to your use.  I will post these each week, hopefully by Sunday night (instead of Monday mornings)!

You’ll see in the file that I have my spreadsheet that’s completed as a sample and then the one that you can use.  If someone would like this modified so you can just print it out and use (a .pdf file) I will work on that for you.  You won’t be able to do any calculating or changing but I can make it so that it is just simply a list! 

COUPON LIST 08-21-11

COUPON LIST 08-21-11 (PDF)




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