Costco or Coupons?!? What’s Cheaper??

I’m sure that I am not the only one who’s wondered whether it’s cheaper to shop at Costco & buy in bulk or stick to using Coupons & Sales.  In my quest to find the answer, I stumbled upon this fantastic blog entry/database that pretty much spells out what I needed to know! 

If you’ve been wondering which way to go (i.e. Coupons vs. Costco), then this is for you!!  Coupons vs. Costco – What’s cheaper?  Includes Costco per unit price list.

This database was updated January 2011 so I’m sure prices have fluctuated.  Regardless, it’s a pretty wonderful tool to have  in our arsenal!

Thank you to The Coupon Project for the link to QueenBee Coupons fabulous site!


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