Happy Sunday!! Anyone score any good deals yet today?!?

Well, it’s a gorgeous Sunday here in the PNW!!  To be honest with you, I have been enjoying this wonderful weather instead of doing my usual coupon crazy deal surfing and my relentless coupon match-ups.  However I did score one unexpected deal today!  I had to run out to Target this morning to return a few items.  While there I needed to check out the backpacks and grab a few more school supplies.  While on my way to the back of the store I noticed an end cap with UP+UP paper towels on it.  This had a 30% sign on it!!  This might not be the best deal in the world BUT it was for me because I needed it!!  BADLY!  See, this is a perfect example of why you stockpile.  It keeps you from having to go pay more for stuff because you waited until you needed it.   Anyway, back to my paper towel…  The 8pk Giant Roll (same as 12 regular rolls) was regular price $9.99.  I paid $6.98 per 8pk and I bought 4 packs.  To make this deal better for me, I had a $5.00 Target Giftcard from a previous purchase.  My total was $27.96-5.00=$22.96 out of pocket.  This meant my 4 packs (32 rolls) were $5.74 each and each roll was $0.71. 

While I’m trying to make a decision on these darn paper towels, my kids were staring at me like I had just taken a train straight into crazy town.  I was back & forth pricing everything down this silly aisle.  The Bounty 12pk Giant Rolls (same as 18 regular rolls) were on sale for $16.00 each.  If you purchase 2, you receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card for a future order.  So my Bounty purchase would have been $32.00 out of pocket (for 24 rolls) or $1.33 each roll with a $5.00 Gift Card.  Factoring in the $5 Gift Card value I would have paid $27.00 (32-5) for 24 rolls or $1.13 each.

I absolutely got a better deal with the UP+UP towels.  I essentially paid the same out of pocket and got 8 more rolls!  They seem to work just fine and dandy!  OH, I should also mention that I made my kids to a lot of math trying to figure this all out.  I think I may have damaged their brains a little.  It is a Sunday after all, AND it was early AND it’s summer break!  😉



  1. you are so funny…torturing your kiddos like i do!

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